The So-called Sportsman’s Hernia

An article in the November General Surgery News on the sportsman hernia reports on discussion at a recent meeting of the American Hernia Society.

While consensus favors abandoning the misleading name sportsman hernia, groin pain in athletes (without obvious inguinal hernias) has various explanations. The article cites:

This syndrome of the muscle imbalance of the groin, the so-called sportsman’s hernia, is a weakness in the posterior wall and this will be the source of groin pain. – Dr Salvador Morales-Conde

The most common mechanism of injury is a tear or a series of microtears of the rectus abdominis muscle or tendon as it inserts onto the pubis. – Dr William Meyers

My theory is based essentially on the compression of the nerves. – Dr Gianpiero Campanelli

Likewise, multiple treatment options are offered for the syndrome, depending on the theory of the treating physician.

Read the full article by Gabriel Miller.

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