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Changing Gender Paradigms

[Guest post from Dr. Paula Ferrada.]
While reading an innocuous post regarding dating female doctors, I came across a comment that immediately unleashed a visceral response: an MD implying that medical education is wasted on women.
His argument is as follows: Medical …

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Dr Katie

Featured Surgeon, late summer 2011, in Women in Surgery
First-year surgery resident Dr Katie has been sharing her educational experience online since undergraduate school. OnSurg is grateful for her participation in our Q & A:

What’s your story?
I first knew I wanted …

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Surgery Subspecialties Described – A Career Resource from AWS

Collaborative partners at the Association of Women Surgeons have made several articles available for re-publication at OnSurg. The articles describe the training requirements, case types, and research opportunities available in surgical subspecialties.
OnSurg plans to further develop pages for each of …

More Female US Medical School Grads Picking General Surgery

The March issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons featured a study reporting the following demographic changes between 1999/2000 and 2004/2005:

A higher proportion of females among the graduating classes of US medical schools: from 43% to 47%.
Increased …