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Cumulative Sum Training

Dr. Yinin Hu discusses his research using cumulative sum to compare training techniques for surgical procedures. His work supports the concept of competency-based advancement.

Simulation and Evolving Training Models

Dr. Andrew Wright shares his thoughts on the US surgical training model and on the future of robotics in general surgery.
On simulation: “You get the skills, you get the knowledge, so when you see the patient for the first time, …

A Recent Grad on Robotics in Gen Surg

Discussion with Dr Kunoor Jain-Spangler, a recent graduate of fellowship training in minimally invasive bariatric surgery.
“[Patients] tend to fixate on this fascinating new technology.”
Topics: when and when not to use the robot in foregut surgery, patient demand, ergonomic advantage, training …

Assessing Surgeons

Conversation with former program director Dr. James Barone.
Rough video, fun topic. Themes: bad exams, testing the wrong things, bias of the tester, mock oral exams, video recording to assess technical skills.
“We’d be better off teaching and testing on how to …