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Feds Cut Medicaid Payments for Preventable Conditions

Treatment for conditions such as catheter-associated vascular infections, pressure ulcers, surgical site infections, providing the wrong surgery, wrong-patient surgery, or wrong surgical site will no longer be reimbursed by Medicaid, according to an article in ACS Surgery News – link …

Single-Port Surgery: Standard Instruments May Do the Trick

Paul Curcillo, MD, and other pioneers of the single-port technique comment in this piece from General Surgery News.
Synopsis —
Innovator Curcillo, at Drexell University in Philladephia, was approached by device companies four years ago for collaboration in instrument design for single-incision procedures.  …

Painless Inguinal Hernia: Better To Operate Than Watch and Wait

Randomized clinical trial published in British Journal of Surgery notes frequent progression to pain. Article in General Surgery News.