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Managing Acute Diverticulitis

  Dr. Scott Regenbogen discusses evolving management of acute diverticulitis and the trend toward less surgery and fewer stomas. Themes: diagnostic criteria (imaging), non-operative management, Hartman’s procedure.

Trends in Penetrating Trauma

  Trauma surgeon Dr. Rao Ivatury discusses evolving management strategies in penetrating trauma. Themes: changing demographics/injury patterns, success of non-operative management of previous “hard” operative indications.

Colorectal Metastasis

  Dr. KMarie Reid Lombardo, of Mayo Clinic, discusses trends and techniques in managing liver metastasis. Paradigm change: colorectal mets are now thought of and managed as a chronic disease.

Team Training in Surgery

Dr. Dan Jones discusses the concept and study of team training in surgery. Dr. Jones is current president of the Association for Surgical Education and conducts research at Harvard and Beth Israel Deconess hospitals.