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What’s the value in our traditional model of research publication?

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My Date with a Robot

The robot rep found me today. I stepped into the OR to watch some robot surgery action, hoping to catch the whole staff singing Weird Science and doing the robot dance. The vendor service representative, present for continuous technical support, …

Like a Surgeon

I understand why Skeptical Scalpel chafes when surgery is compared to other professions: any analogy is limited to a few elements and ignores important complexities.
But I’m okay with any attempt to learn from other vocations. Also, analogies satisfy our urge to …

How US Surgical Residencies Have Changed

Op Report with Dr. James Barone, who was a program director of a general surgery residency program, giving perspective on how we conduct medical and surgical education.
This observation particularly resonated with me:
“We continue to teach and test residents on the …