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International Hernia Collaboration

Dr. Brian Jacob discusses the booming Facebook group he founded. Video demonstrates presentations of complicated hernia cases, and Dr. Jacob discusses logistics and lessons of a global collaboration.          

Surgery Rotation: Med Student Experience

Discussion with fourth-year medical student Justin McGee about his clerkship experience. Discussed: Learning value of the OR, texts in common use, digital resources, changing his mind about a surgery career, surgeon stereotypes, mentorship on the rotation.  

Liver Surgery Update

Dr. Niraj Gusani discusses the changes which have made liver surgery safer, multidisciplinary patient management, and trends in hepatocellular malignancy.

Bring Your Own Teacher

Poor med student stood at attention for a three-hour case that turned into five – one of those challenging ones where you and the resident are problem solving and ignoring the student the whole time. At the end, I thanked …