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El Camino de Dra Ferrada

Doctora Paula Ferrada, cirujana academica en los EEUU, cuenta la historia de su camino desde estudiante en Cali, Colombia, hasta ahora.

What is the Association of Women Surgeons?

Dr. Danielle Walsh, president of Association of Women Surgeon, describes the organization.
“Our mission is to inspire, encourage, engage in the name of women surgeons to develop to their fullest potential both personally and professionally.”
Association of Women Surgeons – Homepage
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Issues of the Female Surgeon

Video – Op Report with Dr. Paula Ferrada about issues unique to women in surgery.
In my residency training program (’96-’02), the children born to female residents were scheduled for arrival during the research year – when our clinical duties were …

Compentancy-Based Advancement?

Should we advance trainees based on their competence in completing individual operations, or based on a global assessment? Dr. Porter shares his thoughts in this video. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.