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Compentancy-Based Advancement?

Should we advance trainees based on their competence in completing individual operations, or based on a global assessment? Dr. Porter shares his thoughts in this video. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ep 1, Part 2: Google Glass for the Surgeon

Dr. Evans demonstrates Google Glass:

Residency vs Life After – Part One

How are residents supposed to prepare for real life as a surgeon if they can’t even work twenty-four hours straight now?
I hear this complaint about once a month from a someone trained in the Golden Age of hazing. Outside of …

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Surgeon Soldier in Iraq – Part 9: Motivations

Letter dated 8/31/11
Greetings from Leitner,
Tumultuous last few weeks.  My replacement was supposed to arrive during the first week of September.  Not sure what happened, but he was a no show for his pre deployment training at Fort Benning.  I did …