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Less-than-human Subjects

Dr. Eunice Minford gives perspective on the FIRST (Flexibility in Duty-Hour Requirements for surgical Trainees) trial.

Observing Trainees via Google Glass

Dr. Heather Evans and Dylan O’Shea discuss their research finding that recorded first-person observation was not superior to a third person camera. Their study will be presented at Surgical Education Week in Seattle, April 21-25, 2015.

Cumulative Sum Training

Dr. Yinin Hu discusses his research using cumulative sum to compare training techniques for surgical procedures. His work supports the concept of competency-based advancement.

May we please learn from our research?

Is another Twitter revolution on the horizon? Will 2014 be the year of #SurgEdSpring, a domino effect, and the unshackling of all of science from traditional publishing models? Say yes to open access science, please.
The first International General Surgery Journal …