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Observing Trainees via Google Glass

Dr. Heather Evans and Dylan O’Shea discuss their research finding that recorded first-person observation was not superior to a third person camera. Their study will be presented at Surgical Education Week in Seattle, April 21-25, 2015.

Cumulative Sum Training

Dr. Yinin Hu discusses his research using cumulative sum to compare training techniques for surgical procedures. His work supports the concept of competency-based advancement.

May we please learn from our research?

Is another Twitter revolution on the horizon? Will 2014 be the year of #SurgEdSpring, a domino effect, and the unshackling of all of science from traditional publishing models? Say yes to open access science, please.
The first International General Surgery Journal …

You Could be Reading this Full Article

Ransomized Clinical Trials
Today I purchased four songs on iTunes and no surgical literature. Next week I’ll do the same even though my digital life is filled with links to excellent research. Sort of.
Surgery Unnecessary in All Cancers: A Double-Blinded Prospective …