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Increased Frequency of ER-ve Breast Cancer…

Increased frequency of ER-ve breast cancer and early relapse in young patients
Photo by Paul Falardeau
Breast cancer at a young age is associated with poor prognosis. The Prospective Study of Outcomes in Sporadic and Hereditary Breast Cancer (POSH) was designed to …

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Prehospital Attitudes About Analgesia

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog, originally posted May 2013
Pain relief is important for two reasons: it’s the humane thing to do for someone who is suffering, and just as importantly, it assists in the physiologic response to trauma. There are …

Inguinal Hernia Resources from the Web

This page features hernia-related web resources requiring no subscription or log-in
European Hernia Society guidelines on the treatment of inguinal hernia in adult patients
Comprehensive article with evidence-based recommendations.
Some interesting points:

Watchful waiting is reasonable in any asymptomatic inguinal hernia
Pre-op antibiotics not recommended
Activity …

Painless Inguinal Hernia: Better To Operate Than Watch and Wait

Randomized clinical trial published in British Journal of Surgery notes frequent progression to pain. Article in General Surgery News.