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Favorite Case

What’s your favorite operation to do?

Whenever a non-medical person asks me this, I suspect he/she views surgery as an art form or a sport, where intense people develop a knack and passion for watercolor landscapes or the fast-break.

I want to …

Anesthesiologists Know Who the Best Surgeons Are

by Richard Novak, M.D. Reposted from The Anesthesia Consultant blog.
You are a patient.  Is your surgeon a wonderful doctor, superb under pressure, or is he or she a self-absorbed nervous individual who can’t operate their way out of a paper …

Lap Lavage for Perforated Diverticulitis

Instead of resection and colostomy, laparoscopic irrigation of purulent fluid is adequate treatment for many patients with peritonitis from diverticular perforation, according to a November General Surgery News article. The piece reports on a treatment algorithm discussed at the 2011 meeting of …