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What is the Association of Women Surgeons?

Dr. Danielle Walsh, president of Association of Women Surgeon, describes the organization.
“Our mission is to inspire, encourage, engage in the name of women surgeons to develop to their fullest potential both personally and professionally.”
Association of Women Surgeons – Homepage
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Changing Gender Paradigms

[Guest post from Dr. Paula Ferrada.]
While reading an innocuous post regarding dating female doctors, I came across a comment that immediately unleashed a visceral response: an MD implying that medical education is wasted on women.
His argument is as follows: Medical …

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What Is Medicine?

From Professor Steve Wigmore, Original post date 4/23/2012
Medicine and surgery is constantly changing or so it seems. New technology changes the process and technique of medicine and surgery but has the core of human interaction that underpins medicine really changed?
Sir …


I found this tweet from med student writer Danielle Jones:
Still need some guest bloggers for “I Love My Job” series.
On the same day I also found:
Is now the best time to be a doctor? I think not
from a practicing surgeon whose anonymous …