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Knowledge in Your Head or in Your Hand

Dr. Brian McGowan discusses changing workplace paradigms in information access.

Learning Theory in Medical Education

Dr. Price Kerfoot, urologic surgeon, discusses his work developing digital learning resources utilizing learning theories.
Discussion touches on spaced learning, testing effect, bolus learning, and game mechanics in education. He also discusses some impressive studies correlating knowledge acquisition with medical practice …

Bring Your Own Teacher

Poor med student stood at attention for a three-hour case that turned into five – one of those challenging ones where you and the resident are problem solving and ignoring the student the whole time. At the end, I thanked …

How US Surgical Residencies Have Changed

Op Report with Dr. James Barone, who was a program director of a general surgery residency program, giving perspective on how we conduct medical and surgical education.
This observation particularly resonated with me:
“We continue to teach and test residents on the …