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International Hernia Collaboration

Dr. Brian Jacob discusses the booming Facebook group he founded. Video demonstrates presentations of complicated hernia cases, and Dr. Jacob discusses logistics and lessons of a global collaboration.          

FaceTime Medical Advice to my Sister

My sister has 2.5-cm umbilical hernia, non-reducible for three days, which became tender to touch today. She lives across the country, so we Facetimed. She’s visibly bloated and ecchymotic peri-umbilically.
This is about what she looks like, but with ecchymosis. Normally …

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The Rupture: Part Three

From the Surgeonsblog archive, original post date 11/19/06
Hernia repair is surgical bread and butter. It’s so much so that “hernia equivalent” has been used to measure surgical work: how does the difficulty of an operation compare to that of a hernia; how …

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Awaiting the Rupture

From the Surgeonsblog archive, original post date 11/16/06
Photo by Anpol42
I’d have to say he was a typical grandfather: grey, bald, with the usual crescent of remaining hair. His skin was, perhaps, a little more vibrant than you’d expect, and he had a …