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Robotic Hernia Repair

Dr. J.B. Bittner, on robotic hernia repair.

Dr Jacob on Umbilical Hernia

Dr. Brian Jacob, founder of Facebook’s International Hernia Collaboration, discusses umbilical hernia repair. Topics include: Non-operative patient groups Pre-op weight loss and smoking cessation Lap versus open repairs Technical specifics Attention to patient goals  

International Hernia Collaboration

Dr. Brian Jacob discusses the booming Facebook group he founded. Video demonstrates presentations of complicated hernia cases, and Dr. Jacob discusses logistics and lessons of a global collaboration.          

FaceTime Medical Advice to my Sister

My sister has 2.5-cm umbilical hernia, non-reducible for three days, which became tender to touch today. She lives across the country, so we Facetimed. She’s visibly bloated and ecchymotic peri-umbilically.
This is about what she looks like, but with ecchymosis. Normally …