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Bring Your Own Teacher

Poor med student stood at attention for a three-hour case that turned into five – one of those challenging ones where you and the resident are problem solving and ignoring the student the whole time. At the end, I thanked …

Simulation and Evolving Training Models

Dr. Andrew Wright shares his thoughts on the US surgical training model and on the future of robotics in general surgery.
On simulation: “You get the skills, you get the knowledge, so when you see the patient for the first time, …

Global Surgery and Education

Discussion with Dr. Ravi Vohra, founder of School of Surgery which serves as content curator and social media presence for a global audience of surgeon learners.
Themes: Studying outcomes across the globe. Surgical education and brain drain. Vetted content and web …

The First MOOC for Surgical Education

Op Report with Tim Mauri of Ethicon, who has created a massive open online course in bariatric surgery. More about this course and the Metabolic Applied Research Strategy here. This is not a sponsored post.