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Be an Excellent Bystander

Today, the desk clerk at my hotel seized while checking a guest in. She broke a glass pane going down. Huge crash. Huge gash in her arm. I responded from across the lobby, as did two nurses. We were all …

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Surgeon Soldier in Iraq – Part 4: Improvise and Dialyse

Letters home from Major Eric Stark, in theĀ OnSurg series describing his Iraq experience spanning from 2008 to 2011.
Letter dated 2/23/2008
Greetings from B dad,
Slow last few weeks. The burn season is definitely over. No new kiddie admissions for the last two …

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Surgeon Soldier in Iraq – Part 1: Bomb Blasts and Blackhawks

Major Eric Stark completed general surgery residency in June of 2008. A few months later he was deployed to Iraq where he treated American and Iraqi war casualties and civilians with various surgical conditions. He shared his experience with friends …