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Stoma Tips

Dr. Scott Regenbogen discusses stoma planning and technique.

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Until the End, She Kept Bringing Me Food

From the Surgeonsblog archive, original post date 8/9/06
Sturdy and thickly-built, long since widowed, cheery in a sardonic sort of way, tough and opinionated, Flora’s European roots ran deep; she’d been an Italian farm girl, and she’d rather be in her …

Lap Lavage for Perforated Diverticulitis

Instead of resection and colostomy, laparoscopic irrigation of purulent fluid is adequate treatment for many patients with peritonitis from diverticular perforation, according to a November General Surgery News article. The piece reports on a treatment algorithm discussed at the 2011 meeting of …

Transposing Pyloric Valve to Avoid Colostomy

In an article in General Surgery News, a technique is described in which the pyloric sphincter is moved, with its blood supply, to the perineum to serve as a continent anal sphincter.
Pioneered by neurosurgeon Harry Goldsmith MD, the procedure was first …

Stoma Tips