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Is Board Certification Meaningful?

    Surgeon Dr. James Barone discusses board certification for surgeons, and the difficulties of proving and policing surgeon competence.

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Safe Surgeon

Am I safe surgeon, or merely a board certified one?
I usually spend Tuesdays fixing elective hernias. But the other day I was asked to clear a c-spine, handle an unexpected gynecologic finding, manage a pediatric trauma, resuscitate a septic ICU …

ABS Certification in Complex Surg Onc – Update

The American Board of Medical Specialties has approved the American Board of Surgery (ABS) in offering a certificate in complex surgical oncology.
An overview of the certification is available here, at the ABS site.
Following here is the May, 2011, OnSurg blurb …

ABS Responds to GI Societies on Endoscopy Training

GI societies doubt surgery residents receive adequate training to confer competence in endoscopy.  In this statement, the American Board of Surgery contests the position paper of the GI societies.