Quote of the day: Surgery Recruitment Fail

From Action Potential blog, original post date 12/24/10

Intern: Interns are like babies.  Especially surgery interns.  We’re fussy all the time, usually because we need to eat or sleep-

Intern’s Husband: And you all should really have diapers.

Intern:  Oh, exactly – we have no time to go to the bathroom.  There’s a resident right now with pyelonephritis for god’s sake.

Intern’s Husband:  Oh, and last week she was post-call and wanted ice cream.  So we started walking down the street, and she was so tired she just stopped -

Intern:  I had to sit down, right on the curb.  I was so tired, it was like this crashing wave of unhappiness – I just cried and cried.  Hubby had to walk back and get the car to pick me up and drive us the rest of the way – I couldn’t make it the rest of the block.  It was so close, but I just couldn’t physically move anymore.

Me:  Wow.  I’m so sorry, that sucks. *long pause* I wonder if the psych intern year is like that too.

Intern:  Oh – wait, psych?  What?  You’re ruling out surgery already?

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