Postoperative Bleeding Complications…

Postoperative Bleeding Complications after Gastric Cancer Surgery in Patients Receiving Anticoagulation and/or Antiplatelet Agents

This study evaluated postoperative bleeding and thromboembolic complications after radical gastrectomy in patients undergoing perioperative antithrombotic treatment. During the study period, 340 patients underwent radical gastrectomy. The group who had perioperative antithrombotic treatment (n=62) had a significantly higher postoperative bleeding rate (8.1 vs. 0.7 %). Multivariate analysis revealed that perioperative antithrombotic treatment was the only independent risk factor of postoperative bleeding complications after radical gastrectomy (odds ratio, 8.53). Perioperative antithrombotic treatment is an independent risk factor of postoperative bleeding complications in patients with gastric cancer undergoing radical gastrectomy. However, such treatment was effective in preventing postoperative thromboembolic events.

Headline: Antithrombotics are an independent risk factor of postop bleeding in those undergoing radical gastrectomy

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