Outcome of Selective Non‐Operative Management…

Outcome of Selective Non‐Operative Management of Penetrating Abdominal Injuries from the North American National Trauma Database

This study published in the British Journal of Surgery attempted to investigate the trends and failures in selective non-operative management (SNOM) for penetrating abdominal injury (PAI) using the National Trauma Data Bank between 2002–2008. Multi-regression analysis was performed on a total of 12 707 patients with abdominal gunshot and 13 030 with stab wounds. Rates of SNOM were 22·2% for gunshot and 33·9% for stab wounds. SNOM failed in 20·8% and 15·2% with gunshot and stab wounds respectively. Factors predicting failure included the need for blood transfusion and a higher injury score. Failed SNOM was independently associated with mortality in both groups.

British Journal of Surgery 2011; 99(Suppl 1): 155–165

Headline: Non-op management for penetrating abdo injury is common but may fail in patients requiring blood transfusion

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