Long-Term Follow-Up of Malignancy Biomarkers…

Long-Term Follow-Up of Malignancy Biomarkers in Patients with Barrett’s Esophagus Undergoing Medical or Surgical Treatment

This study aimed to compare validated biomarkers of malignancy between 2 groups of patients with Barrett’s esophagus (BE) undergoing medical or surgical treatment. 20 patients were given 40 mg/day of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and 25 underwent Nissen fundoplication (NFP). After a median follow-up of 8 years (range, 5-10 years), the values of Ki-67, p53, and apoptosis were analyzed in all patients before treatment and then at 1, 3 and 5 years. Both Ki-67 and p53 remained stable after NFP, whereas they increased progressively in patients under PPIs. The apoptotic index increased progressively after NFP and decreased in the patients under PPIs with significant differences at 3 and 5 years of follow-up. On comparing the subgroups of successful treatment the same differences were found.

Ann Surg. 2012;255(5):916-21.

Headline: Barrett’s epithelium remains more stable following a Nissens than when treated with a PPI – http://www.schoolofsurgery.org/upper-gi/

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