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Things every surgery intern should have on them


#15 blade
Sterile & non-sterile gloves that fit
14-gauge angiocath
0 silk stitch
Eye shield
Suture removal kit
4 x 4 gauze
Betadyn swab
Picture of your spouse, child, dog, etc. (if not on cellphone)

The time you’ll save not foraging for these things during residency adds up to …

The Hardest Part

Watching the #ILookLikeASurgeon Twitter campaign has been a joy. I’ve long felt the old boys’ surgeon culture needed some shaking up.  (Facilitating cultural change was one of my goals in creating OnSurg.) May our new workplace culture recognize this: surgical …

As if this Patient were Your Family

Q:  What if this were your brother?
A:  Depends on which brother.

“Treat your patients as you would your own loved ones,” is advice taught throughout training in health care.

Great advice.  I use it constantly.  Mr Davis is dying of multiple organ failure in …

You Could be Reading this Full Article

Ransomized Clinical Trials (Re-posted from 2012)
Today I purchased four songs on iTunes and no surgical literature. Next week I’ll do the same even though my digital life is filled with links to excellent research. Sort of.
Surgery Unnecessary in All Cancers: …