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#ILookLikeASurgeon: We can do it!!!

By: Paula Ferrada, MD, FACS @paulaferrada1
I truly believe the change in culture in surgery and in medicine needs to reach deeper, recognizing our humanity as a strength and not a weakness. Being human and complete is what makes us good doctors …

Reflections on ‘The Great Work Life Debates’

From the Heels, Kicks, Scalpel by Surgeon in Heels
Last week I, along with nearly 10,000 other surgeons of various specialties, attended our profession’s premier annual meeting, the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress. Of these, some 50 attended a panel session I chaired …

Early Lessons in Leadership

From the Association of Women Surgeons blog by Sophia K. McKinley
Do you consider yourself a leader?
For most of medical school, I did not consider myself a leader. To me, leaders were people with big personalities and big visions, the kind of …

Bullying in the Operating Room

From The Anesthesia Consultants Blog.
You’re a freshly trained, recently hired anesthesiologist at a new medical center. In your first week on your job, an attending surgeon in the operating room bullies you, making aggressive, sarcastic, and critical comments such as, “Are …