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Epidemic viruses contaminate healthcare workers’ mobile phones

From Skeptical Scalpel
As if bacterial contamination of cell phones wasn’t enough of a problem, a new paper finds that viral RNA can also be found on the devices. But before you put your phone in the autoclave, read on.
The study was conducted in France and …

der spiegel

 By Buckeye Surgeon
Cool case. This was a 87 year old lady who came in with an acute onset of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Her history included HTN, remote breast cancer, and the ubiquitous hyperlipidemia. Surgical history included mastectomy, laparoscopic ovarian …

The Paradox of Physician Communication

By Dr. Kathy Hughes
“Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same, I’m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!” – Communication Breakdown, Led Zeppelin
“Oh why can’t we talk again? Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone!”  – Hanging on the Telephone, Blondie
I honestly don’t know …

Are Doctor’s Rich?

By Buckeye Surgeon
A buddy of mine sent along an interesting link by a physician named Ben Brown that makes an argument that doctors actually aren’t all that well off.   Salaries are down.  Education costs can exceed $300,000 over the course of college, medical school, and residency.  …