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Knife To The Back! Part 2

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
Yesterday, I presented a case of a young man with a knife in his back. He was brought to your ED in the prone position. The question was, what to do next?
With any trauma patient, regardless of …

What Would You Do? Knife To The Back!

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
Here’s an interesting case to consider. A young male is assaulted and stabbed to the back. Paramedics bring him to your ED as a trauma team activation, and the full team is assembled prior to his arrival. 
He …

Anesthesiologists Know Who the Best Surgeons Are

by Richard Novak, M.D. Reposted from The Anesthesia Consultant blog.
You are a patient.  Is your surgeon a wonderful doctor, superb under pressure, or is he or she a self-absorbed nervous individual who can’t operate their way out of a paper …

Trauma Residents: How To Remember Liver Anatomy

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
In trauma surgery, operative management of liver injury is usually messy business, with little time for nice anatomic resections. However, an understanding of the basic anatomy, especially that of the vascular supply is crucial for saving …