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What’s Wrong With My Trauma Patient? Part 2

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog

In my previous post, I described a young man who had recovered from a stab to the heart. He did well for a week and a half but then presented to the ED with significant chest pain. …

What’s Wrong With My Trauma Patient?

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
Here’s an interesting case for you to pick apart!
A 25 year old man is involved in some sort of violent, non-productive interpersonal relationship. He sustains a stab to the left chest, and is brought to your trauma center …

Epidemic viruses contaminate healthcare workers’ mobile phones

From Skeptical Scalpel
As if bacterial contamination of cell phones wasn’t enough of a problem, a new paper finds that viral RNA can also be found on the devices. But before you put your phone in the autoclave, read on.
The study was conducted in France and …

It’s Time

From the Buckeye Surgeon 
I was asked to see a 95 year old lady with severe abdominal pain a few weeks ago. She had been admitted to the hospital with complaints of fatigue and chest palpitations. Suddenly one morning she developed …