Benefit of a Single Dose of Preoperative Antibiotic…

Benefit of a Single Dose of Preoperative Antibiotic on Surgical Site Infection in Varicose Vein Surgery

This study aims to assess the benefit of a single dose of preoperative antibiotics prior to surgical treatment of varicose veins (specifically SFJ ligation/division with GSV radiofrequency ablation) in reducing surgical site infection (SSI). By retrospectively examining records of 902 patients (953 consecutive operations as described above): the authors compared the outcomes between two groups; those who received antibiotics 1 hour before the procedure (n= 449 extremities) and those who did not (n= 504). Primary outcome measure was SSI categorized based on type of therapy required (1: oral antibiotic, 2: hospitalization for intravenous antibiotic and/or wound debridement), with a secondary outcome measure of VTE. The authors found that administration of an antibiotic was associated with a significantly reduced risk for both overall (P = 0.02) and groin (P = 0.01) SSI. Furthermore, prophylaxis eliminated category 2 infections (P = 0.008) and was associated with a significantly lower risk of VTE (P = 0.01). Diabetes and high body mass index were patient-associated SSI risk factors. This study shows that a single dose of preoperative antibiotic significantly reduces the rate of all infection following surgical ligation of the SFJ and radiofrequency ablation of GSV, it also eliminates the danger of serious infection, and is associated with minimal VTE.

Annals of Vascular Surgery 2012;26(5):612-619

Headline: Preop antibiotics reduce infections after surgical ligation of the SFJ / radiofrequency ablation of GSV

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