AWS Pocket Mentor

AWS Pocket Mentor

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The AWS Pocket Mentor is a manual for surgical interns and residents. It is based upon the experiences of a number of women surgeons, and is intended to make your passage a bit easier than it was for many of them. This book provides a background of practical information that should make your residency less confusing, and thereby more rewarding.

The AWS Pocket Mentor was first published in 1993. Since then four updates have been published and nearly 50,000 books have been distributed to men and women medical students, residents, program directors, department chairs, libraries and schools. The Pocket Mentor is also distributed at other medical conferences.

We are pleased to announce that in 2013—with the support of Covidien—OnSurg has teamed up with AWS to create an interactive, media-rich e-book version of the Pocket Mentor.

Download the version for iPad from the iTunes store. Or download the PDF edition for viewing on other devices. Click here to order a printed copy.