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Weird Trauma: Pruning Shears to the Head and Neck

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
How did this happen?

This case made the national news, and I wanted to make a few comments on the ideal management of this type of injury.
An 86 year old Arizona man was trimming plants in his …

Pop Quiz: Jet Ski Injury

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
This post is for my readers located near large bodies of water!
Personal watercraft use exploded a decade ago, and they are still heavily used for recreation and vacation fun. However, speed and people don’t always mix …

It’s Time

From the Buckeye Surgeon 
I was asked to see a 95 year old lady with severe abdominal pain a few weeks ago. She had been admitted to the hospital with complaints of fatigue and chest palpitations. Suddenly one morning she developed …

Do You Really Need To Repeat That Xray?

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
It happens all the time. You get that initial chest and/or pelvic xray in the resuscitation room while evaluating a blunt trauma patient. A few minutes later the tech returns with another armful of xray plates …