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Surgical Smoke: Is it dangerous to your health?

From Skeptical Scalpel
An operating room nurse from the UK has asked me to comment on the burning issue of surgical smoke. [Pun intended.] I don’t think she’s going to like what I have to say.
A surgeon using electrosurgical cautery …

Preventing Infection: The “bare below the elbows” rule for doctors doesn’t go far enough

From Skeptical Scalpel, originally posted 1/15/14
Here’s a post about a paper on the possible transmission of bacteria on doctors’ clothing that drew over 1000 comments on reddit in 24 hours.

It linked to a blog by an infectious disease/hospital epidemiologist physician. …

Non-English-speaking patients. Lost in translation?

From Skeptical Scalpel, originally posted 1/17/14
What is one of the rules that medical people comply with the least?

My vote goes to “translation.” The rule is that you must use a qualified medical interpreter for any interview or discussion with a …

Laparoscopic Sigmoid Colectomy

From Radiology of the Post Surgical Abdomen
CT exam of a patient 10 days post-laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy.
Question: What abnormality is marked? What may account for these appearances? How long should be present on a post-operative CT?
Answer: Free gas is noted in …