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As if this Patient were Your Family

Q:  What if this were your brother?
A:  Depends on which brother.

“Treat your patients as you would your own loved ones,” is advice taught throughout training in health care.

Great advice.  I use it constantly.  Mr Davis is dying of multiple organ failure in …

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Is There an “I” in Ebola Team?

Yesterday I was injecting anesthetic into a boil for incision and drainage. The abscess swelled and returned an arcing spray of lidocaine laden with blood and pus, soaking the thigh of my cotton scrub pants. A cheap plastic gown would …

Early Adopters

Saw this selfie tweeted from friends at the American College of Surgeon meeting yesterday and realized each doc pictured is an early technology and social media adopter previously featured at the Op Report. Check them out:
Op Report with Dr. Niraj …

VA Secrets

I’ve worked at a few VA medical centers, including four years at the Phoenix VA. I’d like to report something missed in the media storm. Before spilling secrets, though, I’ll dispense with the non-secrets. Everyone who has entered a VA …