OnSurg was created as a webpage for the general surgery community in 2010, curating content and fostering conversation. Operating across several social media platforms now, OnSurg features original programming such as the Op Report, promotes surgeon bloggers, and drives traffic to open-access web content relevant to surgical education, technology, and innovation.

A Letter from the founder of OnSurg

Thanks for visiting OnSurg.com, homepage for general surgeons worldwide.

OnSurg is a resource website, a social media community, and a curator of web content. We support and promote a generation of surgeons prepared to advance care for their patients more than any generation before them. Surgical education will be transformed by the internet and mobile devices as profoundly as by Halsted in the late 1800′s. Likewise, social media is reinventing the surgical community – just ask our 90,000 global Facebook and Twitter followers.

IMG_3428-300x186OnSurg and other digital early-adopters are aiding the paradigm shift in communication, collaboration, education, and spirit. Hierarchies are flattening; institutions are re-gearing. Clinical resources and career networks, formerly difficult to access, appear daily all over the web. Surgeons once isolated by geography are participating in a global community, sharing stories, images, videos, and knowledge.

OnSurg LLC is a privately-funded social enterprise based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Chris Porter MD FACS


The following beliefs guide OnSurg:

Transparency — OnSurg discloses all financial relationships with our contributors and sponsors. Advertisements appear in the expected locations.

Dignity — We believe the doctor-patient relationship is sacred and unique. We also believe surgery is a tremendously honorable profession. OnSurg tailors its content and screens comments accordingly.

Neutrality — While OnSurg recognizes the value of political discourse and encourages debate of relevant issues, we do not endorse a political party.

Fun — Surgery is fun. OnSurg believes a surgeon can take his/her profession seriously without missing the joy of great challenges, shared triumphs, human spirit, and the humor in our daily lives.