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The Orlando Shooting. Op Report #84

“I don’t want to ever experience this again, but I’m proud to have been a part of it.”
Dr. Chadwick Smith discusses management of the Orlando, Florida mass shooting of June 12, 2016. Dr. Smith and colleagues managed 44 victims. Twenty-eight …

Does talking about burnout cause more burnout? 

From Skeptical Scalpel

Almost every day over the last few years, someone has written about physician burnout or depression.
The problems begin in medical school. A recent paper featured drawings that medical students had done depicting faculty as monsters. One student felt so intimidated during …

Favorite Case

What’s your favorite operation to do?

Whenever a non-medical person asks me this, I suspect he/she views surgery as an art form or a sport, where intense people develop a knack and passion for watercolor landscapes or the fast-break.

I want to …

Managing Breast Abscess

Dr. Lillian Erdahl on presentation and management of breast abscess.] Featured Image (CC): Matthew Wiebe Save