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Skin to Skin

From the Surgeonsblog archive.
Above all, interns love the fast surgeons. The longer an operation takes, the less time to do your work when finally released from the tiled temple. A whole OR day with a plodder guarantees a night without sleep. There …

How I Make It Work

From the Association of Women Surgeons blog by Danielle Walsh, MD
December is the time of year when the constant struggle between the needs of work and the commitment to family become most strained. Holiday performances at school, parties for kids sports and …

Laparoscopic CBD Stone Extraction

From Buckeye Surgeon

This case was sort of fun. The patient presented with abdominal pain, localized in the epigastrium and RUQ. The US demonstrated gallstones and a thickened gallbladder wall. His amylase and lipase values were extraordinarily elevated, suggesting an element of …

Managing Acute Diverticulitis

  Dr. Scott Regenbogen discusses evolving management of acute diverticulitis and the trend toward less surgery and fewer stomas. Themes: diagnostic criteria (imaging), non-operative management, Hartman’s procedure.