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Surgical Ed Learning Theory

Discussion with PhD educator Dr. Aimee Gardner on learning theories and innovation in surgical education.

A first rate discussion of #2s

By Dr. Lesley Barron, reposted from canadianfemalesurgeon.
There are few things worse for people than discussing their bowel movements.  After having our diapers changed and then going through toilet training, we are then left to our own devices to sort out what …

Internship: Ready, Set, Go!

By Callie Thompson, M.D.
Congratulations to all of you newly minted Doctors of Medicine! It is almost time to start your internships! You are probably trying to imagine what it will be like, and you are probably excited, nervous, scared, and …

What does “On call” mean? A primer for the non-medical (or not living with anyone medical) person.

By Dr. Lesley Barron, reposted from canadianfemalesurgeon.
So, I just finished 7 days on call covering general surgery.  For the first 3 days, I was on call for two different hospitals, and then, phew, only covering one hospital for the last four …