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As if this Patient were Your Family

Q:  What if this were your brother?
A:  Depends on which brother.

“Treat your patients as you would your own loved ones,” is advice taught throughout training in health care.

Great advice.  I use it constantly.  Mr Davis is dying of multiple organ failure in …

Early Lessons in Leadership

From the Association of Women Surgeons blog by Sophia K. McKinley
Do you consider yourself a leader?
For most of medical school, I did not consider myself a leader. To me, leaders were people with big personalities and big visions, the kind of …

Surgeon Scarcity

Dr. Mary Klingensmith discusses the trend toward subspecialty training and practice leading to a greater shortage of general surgeons.

Bullying in the Operating Room

From The Anesthesia Consultants Blog.
You’re a freshly trained, recently hired anesthesiologist at a new medical center. In your first week on your job, an attending surgeon in the operating room bullies you, making aggressive, sarcastic, and critical comments such as, “Are …