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Association for Surgical Education President Dr Jones

Association for Surgical Education president Dan Jones discusses the mission and functions of the organization.
The Surgical Education Research Fellowship funds up to sixteen fellows each year.
ASE’s main 2015 meeting takes place April 23-25, in Seattle. This year’s theme is simulation.

A Positive Attitude and Cancer Survival

By: Bruce Campbell Category Reflections in a Head Mirror by Dr. Bruce Campbell
“God helps those who help themselves.”
-Something that sounds like Truth but fortunately isn’t mentioned in any religious text
“I’m gonna beat this thing again, Doc! I …

Dr Jacob on Umbilical Hernia

Dr. Brian Jacob, founder of Facebook’s International Hernia Collaboration, discusses umbilical hernia repair. Topics include: Non-operative patient groups Pre-op weight loss and smoking cessation Lap versus open repairs Technical specifics Attention to patient goals  

“No Residents!”

By: Bruce Campbell Category Reflections in a Head Mirror by Dr. Bruce Campbell
Skill to do comes of doing. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson     We are in the last steps of getting surgery arranged; the counseling is complete and the consent is on the clipboard. Just as the …