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International Hernia Collaboration

Dr. Brian Jacob discusses the booming Facebook group he founded. Video demonstrates presentations of complicated hernia cases, and Dr. Jacob discusses logistics and lessons of a global collaboration.          

Knife To The Back! The Conclusion …

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
To summarize: stab to the back, prone position, stable vitals, awake and alert and breathing easily. The patient had a chest xray which showed some likely hemothorax. He was sent to CT (prone) and the image obtained …

Knife To The Back! Part 3

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
So yesterday, we found that our patient was hemodynamically stable, with a knife in his back, positioned prone. An initial chest xray shows the knife (plainly) and haze in the right side of the chest. Obviously, this …

Surgery Rotation: Med Student Experience

Discussion with fourth-year medical student Justin McGee about his clerkship experience. Discussed: Learning value of the OR, texts in common use, digital resources, changing his mind about a surgery career, surgeon stereotypes, mentorship on the rotation.