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CT Scan Images Simplified

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog

Ever wonder what is going on when you drag your mouse across a CT image, or when you change the “window” settings of an image from lung to abdomen? It all has to do with the way …

“I could teach a monkey how to operate”

From Skeptical Scalpel 

“I could teach a monkey how to operate” or so some people think. This cliché has been around for years. Recently, I saw it on a Sermo [MD gripe site] post and someone said it in a comment on …

Fast and Slow Thinking

From, the blog of Dr Jeff Young

Everyone interested in learning how we learn, should read Daniel Kahneman’s recent book “Thinking Fast and Slow”. I have read a great deal of his work before, and I find it amazing to read …

You Could be Reading this Full Article

Ransomized Clinical Trials (Re-posted from 2012)
Today I purchased four songs on iTunes and no surgical literature. Next week I’ll do the same even though my digital life is filled with links to excellent research. Sort of.
Surgery Unnecessary in All Cancers: …