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Burnout: Fanning the Flames

From the Surgeonsblog archive.
In trying to understand my own burnout, “control” (or lack thereof) is a dominant theme. This is nothing new. In fact, I doubt I’m unearthing bones not already thoroughly analyzed. But I can give instructive personal examples.
For a while …

Guts. Glory.

From the Surgeonsblog archive.
I’ve said it before: I love sewing bowel. Nothing, it seems to me, represents what the general surgeon does more than that. It makes me feel connected to and a part of the chain of daring and innovative people …

10 Steps to a Successful Residency Interview

From the Association of Women Surgeons blog by Allison Hoyle, D.O.
Fall is the exciting time in our medical education during which our residency interviews begin. It is important to be prepared for what is to come, as these interviews are different …

Formalizing The Prehospital to In-Hospital Handoff

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
I’ve written quite a bit about the benefits and pitfalls of the handoff process. Handoffs involving critical trauma patients is particularly important, because the receiving team needs to know a lot of information about what happened before …