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Learning Bedside Manner

“I’m sorry to hear you’re having abdominal pain”
By: Celeste Lipkes
My very first patient is a baby doll. “He won’t stop crying,” the mother says solemnly and pats its plastic leg. She tells me that the baby’s hands have been swollen for …

How Should Residents Spend Their Time?

From Skeptical Scalpel
As everyone knows, residents are now restricted to working 80 hours per week. One of the lesser known side effects of this work hours limitation is the drastic loss of educational conference time.
Since at least one third of the …

Learning Theory in Medical Education

Dr. Price Kerfoot, urologic surgeon, discusses his work developing digital learning resources utilizing learning theories.
Discussion touches on spaced learning, testing effect, bolus learning, and game mechanics in education. He also discusses some impressive studies correlating knowledge acquisition with medical practice …

Bumps in the Road

By: Bruce Campbell Category Reflections in a Head Mirror by Dr. Bruce Campbell
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. -Robert Burns     
Her eyes were lowered, and she would not meet my gaze. I was certain I knew why.   I skimmed her …