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Pelvic Trauma Radiographs Demystified

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
Although we are becoming increasingly reliant on CT scans for diagnosis, plain old radiographs still have their place. This is especially true in pelvic imaging after trauma.
The most common pelvic radiograph obtained is the supine A-P view taken …

Screening Mammogram

Dr. Kathy Hughes discusses her view of recent data on the value of screening mammogram.

The FAST Exam in Children

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog
FAST is a helpful adjunct to the initial evaluation of adult trauma patients. Unfortunately, due to small numbers the usefulness is not as clear in children. In part, this is due to the fact that many children (particularly …

Surgeons Who Operate Post-Call

From The Trauma Professional’s Blog, originally posted March 2013

Fatigue is a big deal for trauma professionals. I previously devoted a week of posts to detailing research on fatigue, and dedicated the June 2012 Trauma MedEd newsletter to the topic. So I just …