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Team Training in Surgery

Dr. Dan Jones discusses the concept and study of team training in surgery. Dr. Jones is current president of the Association for Surgical Education and conducts research at Harvard and Beth Israel Deconess hospitals.

Panamerican Trauma Society

Dr. Paula Ferrada discusses the mutual benefits of international collaborations in academic surgery. US surgeon Dr. Ferrada and her father, a Colombian trauma surgeon, are both active in the Panamerican Trauma Society which holds an annual conference in November.
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Resident Work Hours: The Solution

From Skeptical Scalpel
I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. Or like many great ideas, why didn’t someone else come up with it? This morning at 4:30 as I lay awake having just received a consult from infernal medicine …

The case of the vanishing yellow man

By Professor Steve Wigmore 

I recently gave a public lecture as part of the University of Edinburgh Medical Detectives lecture series. This is a series of public talks based loosely on the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a former medical …